• YTC – Positioner
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
  • Comprehensive range includes linear type
  • Standard Rotary Type
  • Dome Cover
  • Internal & External and SS type.
  • IP Converters


IP Converter YT-930       

Converts 4 to 20mA signal to a specified Pneumatic output. Comes in two types: Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof

Smart Positioner

YT-2400 Comprehensive Range includes Linear, Rotary, SS type, Explosion Proof Type, Remote Linear Type & Remote Rotary Type. Please click on the image for details

Air Filter Regulator

YT-200 Air filter regulator YT-200,205 reduces the supply pressure of plant’s main air line suitably and supplies valve positioner or control device.

Volume Booster

Volume booster YT-300                 Volume booster YT-300 and YT-310 makes the valve functions speed fast with providing large air flow rate to actuator.

Lock Up Valve

Lock up valve YT-400       Lock up valve YT-400 closes the passage of air flow piping with sensing the pressure of main supply pressure when the pressure is lower than the setting pressure due to accident and so forth.

Snap Acting Relay

Snap acting relay YT-520               To change the direction of supplying air flow rate from one output port to the other port when the sensing signal pressure is lower than setting pressure.

Limit Switch

Limit Switch YT-850         Visual Position Indicator, Available in Explosion Proof and Non Explosion Proof versions

Position Transmitter

Position Transmitter PTM-5V        Includes Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe Types. Please click on the image for YTC’s range of Position Transmitters